Why am I running?

In life there is often a roll call. That’s when you will have to make a decision. To be or to do?” – Col John Boyd

When I am  faced with this question, I choose to do. Which is why I am asking District 8 voters to elect me as their Representative in Alaska’s House of Representatives. My top priority is the economic well being of Alaskans.

I will sponsor a Constitutional Amendment to enshrine the current statutory language relating to the Permanent Fund Dividend in Alaska’s Constitution.

I will not agree to any statewide tax without a vote of the people.

I will sponsor a Constitutional amendment instituting a spending cap based on current incoming revenues to include  one half of the earnings reserve.

These measures, along with responsible development of our human and natural resources will ensures Alaska’s prosperity and security for generations to come. I would appreciate your support in this endeavor.  -Mark

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About Mark

Mark arrived in Alaska as a child in 1962. He is a life long Alaskan by choice who has served his State and Country In Alaska’s Army National Guard 207th Aviation  Regiment.

After his military retirement  in 2003, he continued to serve his community in various deliberative bodies such as, Airport Heights Community Council president, Alaska State Commission on Human Rights , Citizens Advisory Commission on Federal Area’s and Alaska’s Public Office Commission.

Currently he enjoys his time with his  life long Alaskan wife of 28 years Mary, fishing,hunting and maintaining his classic 1967 Pontiac GTO.

Mark’s willingness to serve has not diminished.  Once again he is willing to offer his experience and knowledge as service to the good people of the state of Alaska.


Mat Su Libertarians Meet

Mark will be attending a meeting of the Mat Su Libertarians on December 5, 7PM at 1593 west Gold Bar Road , Wasilla . The meeting is open to all registered Libertarians. For more information Go to the event FaceBook page here.

Hello world!

Hello world! marks the day the site arrives in the public domain. Future posts will inform you of event and positions that shape the campaign to elect Mark Fish to Alaska’s State House of Representatives. I hope you will find it interesting and Useful.

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